Our Customers

Since 1954 The Gartner Group has been selling and supporting our customers in the Marine Industry. There are several markets within the Marine Industry on which we focus. There are general markets which everyone is aware of and then there are specialty markets which require a lot of effort as well.

Since The Gartner Group is comprised of professional and knowledgeable sales people, we can bring your products to the right channel of distribution and/or customers to maximize and drive your sales. We are on the front lines every day monitoring the marketplace and our accounts to become even more knowledgeable to help you with decisions so you can meet your sales goals and objectives.

1.) Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s)
2.) Specialty OEM’s (Fuel Tank Builders, Prop Shops, Ambulance, etc)<
3.) Traditional 2 Step Distribution
4.) Dealer Technical training and Support
5.) Retail Support
6.) One Step Catalog houses

OEM sales and Support

The relationships that we have developed at our customers through the years have helped us define their needs. Strong account sales relationships are a key ingredient for success at the OEM level. Getting to the proper people inside an account is crucial to the sale. We assist our customers in aesthetics, electrical schematics, efficiency, accuracy, complying with new regulations and standards, USCG Regulations, EPA Regulations, CARB Regulations.

Distributor Support

In order for your products to sell once they get into the distributor’s warehouses, their salespeople have to know what it is and how to sell it. We are firm believers in working with, educating, and training the distributor salespeople and customer service reps – no matter how technical the product is. Once they know what it is and how it works, they will be loyal to the brand and know how to sell it.

We assist in the “pull through” from the distributor to the dealer to the end user. This is a proven method for success. Our distributor’s customers need our support to be successful. They need the technical training, Point of Sale merchandisers, shelf talkers, cross-marketing campaigns, merchandising ideas, application charts, etc. Working with our distributor salespeople and getting everyone on the same page is a formula for success. Having this relationship also makes launching a new product that much easier.

We also do product analysis versus the competition. Every detail counts. The market data we acquire in the field will help you in the manufacturing decisions to ensure your products are what the marketplace is demanding.

One Step Catalog House Sales Support
Having the relationships to get a product in the catalog.
Training the Customer Service people.