Localized Representation

All of our experienced and dependable sales people live in the territory they service, thus providing the necessary link between our manufacturers and customers. This, in conjunction with a well staffed central office, keeps you, the manufacturer, up to the minute on events within our territory.

Consistent Coverage

We have represented half of our manufacturers for more than 10 years and several for over 30 years. Our policy is to represent a limited number of factories concentrating on quality rather than quantity.

First-Hand Experience

All of the sales personnel in our company are totally committed to the marine environment both by occupation and avocation. This gives us a first-hand feel for the products we represent and enables the Gartner sales team to be a very effective partner with you in developing new products for our industry.

Effective Sales Approach

By using tried and proven sales techniques integrated with customized sales approaches, your products are presented in a highly professional manner. A complete follow-through is standard procedure. With the use of our computer networking system and customized program, we can generate varied reports which give each sales person an accurate, up-to-date picture of his accounts and also provide in-house desktop publishing to assist in generating excellent capabilities.